Hello Options

Co-designed by young people and clinicians to support conversations about birth control


Introducing Hello Options

Organized around a central ring, Hello Options includes life-size replicas of commonly used birth control that young people can see and feel support hands-on exploration and discussion. Hello Options includes a pill pack, patch, ring, shot, IUD, implant, internal condom, external condom, and vaginal gel.

Using Hello Options

Whether you’re a healthcare provider or sexual health educator, Hello Options supports quality, person-centered contraception exploration and decision making.
To integrate Hello Options into your clinical practice, we recommend you:
1. Offer the tool to patients to touch and handle themselves.
2. Describe method color-coding:
Green: combined hormone methods (pill pack, patch, ring)
Purple: long-acting reversible contraception (hormonal and copper IUDs, implant, injection/shot)
Orange: non-hormonal sperm blocker (vaginal gel; not pictured)
Blue: barrier / STI prevention methods (external and internal condoms)
*Note: The central ring can be unscrewed to rearrange or detach individual methods.
3. Use Hello Greenlight tear sheets to support detailed, method-specific counseling and different learning styles. Invite patients to use their personal mobile device to scan the QR code on the back of the pill pack to access resources online or offer a print version, available for download here.

Hello Options improves contraceptive counseling

As part of a human-centered design workshop, young people from Chicago conducted contextual research to improve the experience of adolescent sexual and reproductive health care. They interviewed public health experts, toured a clinical space, led simulated patient visits, and drew on their own lived experiences to identify real-world opportunities. Unlike the handouts providers typically use, workshop participants wanted birth control methods presented together in a concrete, hands-on manner to explore all available options and identify those that may work best for their bodies and lives.
In a recent study, adolescent patients reported that Hello Options allowed them to better understand how contraception works in their body and make more informed decisions. Providers commented that the tool facilitated conversations, helped dispel myths, and eased patient anxieties.

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