Adolescent-centered Tear Sheets

Power over your body is power over yourself

Beyond birth control to bodily autonomy
Whether it’s information about one’s own anatomy, or about birth control beyond condoms, young people want higher quality and more comprehensive information.
Hello Greenlight tear sheets were co-designed with young people and healthcare providers to provide the information adolescents need and desire to have the power and agency to make decisions about their body, life, and future.
Using Hello Greenlight tear sheets
Whether you’re a healthcare provider or sexual health educator, Hello Greenlight tear sheets support quality, person-centered contraception exploration and decision making.
To integrate these tear sheets into your clinical practice, we recommend you:
1. Use Hello Options to explore and discuss commonly used birth control methods.
2. Introduce Hello Greenlight tear sheets to support detailed, method-specific counseling and different learning styles after a young person has identified one or two birth control options they might like to try.
Ask patients to use a personal mobile device to scan the QR code on the back of the Hello Options pill pack to access online resources or offer a print version, available for download below.
The Ring
The Pill
The Implant
The Patch
Internal Condom
External Condom
Non-Hormonal Vaginal Gel
Self-Administered Shot
Provider-Administered Shot
Contextualizing contraception for adolescents
Young people explored and critiqued a range of existing contraceptive counseling materials to inform the creation of design principles and criteria to guide the iterative co-design of the Hello Greenlight tear sheets.
Reflecting adolescent desires to see different body types, skin tones, and specific anatomical terms, the final tear sheets visually communicate both the context of use and anatomical context of the body. In doing so, the tear sheets support belonging while debunking myths and stereotypes in the exploration, selection, and use of contraception.
Still curious about how these award-winning resources were created? Visit the Core77 2023 Design for Social Impact Award webpage to learn more.

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